# Introduction of OPEN API features

# 1. Key features

The Open API of uSMART securities provides the following functions:

  • Trading support: stock (US/Hong Kong stock/A-share) trading, Hong Kong stock IPO subscription.

  • Quotes support: US stocks, Hong Kong stocks, A shares.

  • Order Type: Enhanced Limit Order, Limit Order, Bid Order, Market Order.

# 2. System architecture

The Open API provides services through the HTTP interface, and the related API functions are accessed through HTTP POST requests. We also provide a long-link interface (implemented using the http protocol or the WebSocket protocol).


# 3. Platforms and languages supported by Open API

  • Support Windows、MacOS、CentOS、Ubuntu
  • Support Python, Java, C#, C++, JavaScript and other mainstream languages, no programming language restrictions.

# 4. Access description

To use the Open API service, the user needs to apply for acess in advance, provide necessary data and sign agreement.The user who completes the application can access the relevant API through the docking number and SSL key.

# 5. Protocol Description

To apply for the Open API service, you need to sign the API authorization agreement.

# 6. What data does the Open API provide?Such as stock data, real-time/historical quotes, etc.?

  • For regular customer, we provide 200 historical candlestick data for 10 stocks

  • The PRO account offers 200 historical candlestick data for 50 stocks

  • If you have special needs, you can communicate with client manager